Fighting fit

Meet Mark Hoban, head of sports, health & wellbeing at Ark St Albans Academy in Birmingham, and possibly the UK’s fittest teacher

An indoor and outdoor fitness enthusiast, Mark combines intensive weight training with a variety of outdoor endurance events, priding himself on maintaining an extremely high level of functional fitness while at the same time maintaining low body fat and keeping a high percentage of lean muscle mass.

Mark broke out onto the fitness scene appearing as a contestant on the hit BBC and Discovery Channel series Last Man Standing, where he competed against some of the toughest indigenous tribes around the world at their own extreme sports; pushing his mind and body to extremes and at times breaking point.

“Filming the TV series proved to me what I was able to achieve both physically and mentally. It pushed me to my limits and beyond but proved to me how diversely fit and mentally strong I am,” he says.

Along with competing nationally at kickboxing, Mark also has years of experience in karate. He learned many fighting disciplines whilst filming the reality TV show he now applies and adapts to enhance his own training.

He also has a passion for inventing his own fitness challenges, raising money for charity. He once run, kayaked and cycled across the full length of the Maltese Islands, which was recognised by the Duke of Edinburgh.

Wolf pack leader

Mark is also currently the health and fitness expert for the UK’s top obstacle course race organisation, the Wolf Run; warming up the thousands of runners each weekend with his team, test running the courses and producing their fitness training programs.

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