Primary schools across the UK are invited to join the British Curry Club’s #GrowYourOwnCurry campaign, which encourages children to grow curry ingredients from seed with their gardening club in schools.

To take part in the campaign, schools will be expected to organise a gardening club as well as post #GrowYourOwnCurry on their schools website, Facebook or Twitter. Campaign partners Sutton Seeds have provided packets of seeds which have been posted out to a range of primary schools around the UK.

As a further incentive for schools to join the British Curry Club is running a competition inviting pupils to write a letter or draw their schools garden then send it to the British Curry Club to describing how they have enjoyed taking part in the schools gardening club. Three schools will be chosen to win £200 worth of primary school books provided by sponsor Sweet Cherry Publishing plus one child from each winning school will also win £25 worth of books.

The competition is not limited to the schools that have already received packs, any schools can get involved by registering for the competition.

The second year of the campaign also includes the support of well-known celebrity chef’s; Cyrus Todiwala, Anjum Anand and Hari Ghotra. Each chef has joined the campaign to provide vegetarian recipes for parents and school teachers to use.

Todiwala says: “There is no greater sensation of elation than when one plants a seed and sees it turn from a shoot to a food provider. That is nature enticing us to do similar things in our day to day life amongst humans and other things.

“Planting something and looking after it until it bears fruit is a feeling of absolute achievement and pride and goes a long way in developing oneself for the future. Grow Your Own Curry can only be the greatest feeling of joy and achievement and describes ones actions from Seed to Plate and a deep understanding of nature.”

Anand added: “The campaign is a fantastic initiative to encourage children and their parents to create delicious curries together at home. Growing the seeds and spices will really help to get children involved in the scratch cooking process and highlight the flavours and benefits of cooking with fresh ingredients, as well as the fun you can have making your own meal.”

For schools to register for the competition or get an entry form they simply send the their details to [email protected]

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