Evidently music teachers don’t make the best drivers, at least that’s what money saving expert GoCompare found out when they researched the best way to get a cheap car insurance quote. Apparently listing yourself as a “music teacher” resulted in an £86 increase compared to the same applicant choosing the description as simply “teacher”. In fact, job description is just one description in application that can impact on your next quote. Along with age, sex, post code and where you park, getting the best quote possible can be a minefield for all – not just those in education. So, here’s 5 handy tips on how to play the game, courtesy of some industry insiders.


It’s illegal to falsely list a main driver of a vehicle, but adding a second driver is an easy and legal way to bring down your next quote. Ideally an older driver with a clean license and no-claims history will help to make a substantial saving on your own quote.


All insurance websites feature drop-down menus for job descriptions and there’s no reason why you can’t try alternatives before committing. Listing yourself as a RE teacher from Devon when you’re the head of an Academy in central London could invalidate your cover, but different titles carry unusual benefits. Ticking the parent box saves cash too.


Comparison sites make money because they get kick-backs from the insurance companies, but you can pick that up yourself. TopCashback currently has insurance deals offering as much as £60 cashback from some insurers.


Most new insurance quotes include things like breakdown cover and windscreen cover, driving abroad and personal accident cover, but these are all added extras. Cut them out and make substantial savings, after all, a lot of these types of premiums are already covered with things like bank accounts, roadside assistance contracts and home insurance policies.


Don’t ever leave your renewal to the last minute. Be prepared to switch every year and do so a couple of weeks ahead of your closing date, Shopping for a new deal three weeks before your renewal date saves an average of £280, according to Comparethemarket. While Moneysupermarket report that the near six million drivers who just accept their auto-renewal quote costs them upwards of £112 a year!

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