Editor of HWRK

I’m Andy McHugh. I’m a teacher, examiner, writer and the Editor of HWRK Magazine.

I’ve set out on a mission to celebrate and share the experience and expertise of classroom teachers, bringing together our teaching community and helping us grow as professionals.

I believe that teaching is all about making a positive change to the lives of our students, filling their minds with knowledge and preparing them for the world that awaits. We have such a diverse breadth of knowledge and experiences to draw from, to drive forward our incredible profession, which enables us to be the best that we can be. I believe that we’re stronger when we work together, listening to the nuances of others’ arguments, to uncover what truly works.

I want to inspire and to share with you the strategies that help our students reach their full potential.

Let’s begin!

Will you join us?

At HWRK Magazine, we love what we do. If you love what we do too and would like to write for us then please send your pitch to [email protected].