#WomenEd: What can WomenEd and National College of Education do for you?

#WomenEd and the National College of Education share what we can do for middle and senior women leaders

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#WomenEd and National College of Education are looking for new members for our Middle and Senior Leaders’ programmes.

‘It is time for more women to celebrate their worth and succeed in achieving what they need to thrive as leaders of education’.– Vivienne Porritt.

To do this, we are breaking down the systemic barriers in education to open opportunities and create an unrivaled support network for you.

Listen to the voices of women from these programmes : three different opportunities await you: two are for women in England and one is open to all women globally.


  • two programmes draw down the Apprentice Levy in England so are free for the majority of schools
  • the balance of academic learning and applying your new knowledge in practice.
  • 20% of places for the Senior Leaders programme are reserved for women with an ethnic heritage as part of our campaign to increase the diversity of women in leadership roles.

Join us to hear the views of learners from these programmes. Vivienne Porritt and Rachel O’Halleron will answer questions and share the impact from the first cohorts with 68% from the first cohort of 59 women gaining new roles and promotions.


‘This course and being with the Women Ed cohort have allowed me to celebrate who I am- a female member of the education field, whose ethnicity and gender are not a barrier to what I can achieve but, put simply, add to making me a better person to become a leader .’

‘I am so much more confident about what I know and what I can do. I’m also more confident to have difficult conversations both up and down and believe that I check my values and vision before making decisions now.’

‘In the last year I have negotiated a change in Job title to School Business Manager (from Finance & Business Manager) and with that a significant increase in pay.’

‘It has been really interesting and thought provoking to look at the challenges women face. I was also able to identify with many aspects of the research around representation being a black women in leadership.’

‘I feel more confident in having difficult conversations, am 10% braver when approaching new members of staff and confrontation due to the knowledge I have been exposed to on the course. I have researched evidence to support any suggestions or ideas I put forward. This gives me the courage to step up and speak out. I was a Year 5 lead and now I am responsible for the Year 6 team, which holds more responsibility in terms of SATS and expectations.’

‘Working with inspirational women, including Rachel O’Halleron and Vivenne Porritt as well as speakers such as Diane Osagie has really helped me see how women in positions of power can enthuse other women and give them a sense of ‘can do’.’



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Mar 15 2022


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm



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