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Get Involved


May I introduce you to HWRK Magazine, the first true online education and lifestyle publication for your industry, designed to be a voice for both teachers and pupils in primary, secondary and sixth form state schools across The UNITED KINGDOM.

A standalone publication that’s unique in its approach, the focus is on engaging with teachers and pupils by providing a platform for both to discuss the true challenges and successes of life in the current education system, both from within the classroom and outside of it.

Education is the foundation upon which successful lives and entire communities are built and HWRK aims to peel back the surface to show how great education is so much more than a positive OFSTED report.

Featuring real stories from all levels of faculty on their personal experiences, the magazine will also feature stories from pupils, careers advisors and dinner ladies as we aim to pull together articles from the most positing characters and biggest personalities in the school system in the UK.

Children with special needs or disabilities will also have a focus too, as will out of classroom pursuits like Duke of Edinburgh Awards and various cultural and sporting activities, while at the same time staying away from the negatives like political conflicts or authority cutbacks.

What we need now is you! As well as sending us details of your next school trip, charity day or even award-winning achievements, we want to hear from teachers and pupils making their own mark in the industry. You could be a deputy head who is cycling the length of the country for charity, a woodwork teacher that’s leaving the country to teach in Singapore, or even a pupil whose debuting on the West End in the latest Andrew Lloyd Webber production.

We want to hear your real stories. We want to provide you with a platform to talk about the issues that truly matter in your industry. We want to celebrate the amazing work every teacher and child in England and Wales manages to do on a daily basis.

If you have a story you’d like to share with the rest of the country please email a brief synopsis and your contact details to [email protected] today, and let’s celebrate and debate education together.

Thank you.